Asante Africa Foundation

Pop-Up Pilot

Prince’s Trust International has partnered with Asante Africa Foundation to pilot our “Pop-Up” business simulation game (part of our Enterprise Challenge Programme) with secondary school students in Kenya.

Asante Africa Foundation are a registered NGO, working in schools across Kenya and Tanzania. As well as their Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) Clubs, they run their Girls Advancement Programme (supporting girls with health, hygiene, finance, business and social skills so they can complete secondary and university education), and their Accelerated Learning in the Classroom Programme, which provides teacher training, low-cost digital resources, and learner centred materials to schools across East Africa.

East Africa is a new region for Prince’s Trust International and it is vital that we test our content at a small scale before launching a full-scale programme. Working with students in Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) Clubs, is the perfect opportunity – not only are we learning about how we can improve our products and session plans to be more relevant and accessible to students in rural Kenya, but the students are learning valuable enterprise skills to take into their LEI Clubs in the coming academic year.

In addition to learning about enterprise, students work in much smaller groups than in most classrooms, so they have the opportunity to develop their presentation and teamwork skills. They can practice problem solving and strategic thinking, applying all of these skills to developing their business simulation and enterprise pitch.

To date, we have used the game with 50 students across five of Asante Africa Foundation’s LEI clubs in rural Kenya.