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Case Study
Published 10 October 2015

Team programme delivered in Barbados


Following a successful pilot in 2016, we are now  working in partnership with the Royal Barbados Police Force to roll out the Team programme in Barbados. The Team programme is a 12-week challenging personal development programme helping disengaged and unemployed 16-25-year-olds. During the programme the young people have been able to build their confidence, motivation and skills, while taking part in a series of outdoor activities, community challenges and classroom-based learning.

Below Thomas* talks about his experience on the Team programme:

“My Aunt recommended the Team programme – I didn’t know much about it at first and I didn’t want to waste my time. But during the interview they explained it that it was a self-development programme and I would be in a team working on communications and work skills. This was something I was interested in doing so thought it would be helpful.”

“Team gave us lots of opportunities to meet new people and work on these skills so it really has helped. I was pushed out of my comfort zones quite a few times especially during the work placement. I was really proud of myself because I didn’t love it at first but stuck through it, that is something I’ve never done before. The Team Leaders have taught me so much but in a fun way, and I learnt that I need to respect others’ opinions. Team has also made me want to be a more supportive person.”

“I didn’t know how to paint and I was tasked with painting, in the past I would have just given up but I didn’t, I surprised myself. And it felt really great, was even asked to support others with the painting. I’m really proud of myself! I joined the programme to change and have put effort in to try and change, so am proud of what I have achieved. That’s thanks to this programme, I am really grateful to have had this opportunity.”

“Success means to me not giving up and doing things with all my effort and to the best of my ability. I felt so good when I accomplished things in the programme. I felt proud and that felt like success to me.”

* Name has been changed