Case Studies


Team programme delivered in Malaysia

5th August 2020

Prince’s Trust International have been working with Selangor Youth Community to run the Team programme in Malaysia. TEAM is an intense, nine week personal and professional development programme.

The programme aims to provide second equal chances to the at-risk youths in Malaysia with the end goal of providing them access through three different types of opportunities; Employment, Education, Entrepreneurship During the programme, young people will have to complete five stages of activities with different modules and assessments followed by a six months monitoring plan.

Huzaifah is a 19 year old, ex-juvenile youth wanting to change his life for the better after coming to a realization in his life and regretting his past decisions and actions. Despite having an ample educational background and literacy levels, he is still struggling to get a stable and sustainable job.

Coming from the B40 group, what is considered as the urban poor group in Malaysia, Huzaifah lives with his elderly and sickly parents. He must work to help sustain the family. He has been doing odd jobs (repairing works) and opening up food stalls by the roadside in order to help his family. He has been reported to have good skills in automotive repairs and others related to mechanical works.

He strives to compensate his wrongdoings by becoming a successful individual and to contribute back to society. He also hopes to open up a business of his own and be an entrepreneur.

“I want to redeem all of my past mistakes and I am determined to do my level best for my family and friends. May I be a successful man in this life and hereafter”