Case Studies


Achieve delivered in Malta

13th August 2020

The Achieve programme was first piloted in 2015, thanks to a collaboration between the Ministry of Education in Malta and Prince’s Trust International. The programme has supported over 1200 young people and has been so successful that it is now being implemented by independent schools as well as the Catholic Education Secretariat, allowing young people to access the programme in over 50 different formal and non-formal education centres. The programme is now also a recognised qualification for entry to vocational schools in Malta, enabling young people to use their achievements to further their next steps after school.

Jeff had a challenging upbringing, but the Achieve programme helped him come out of his shell and change his life for the better.

Jeff is 18 years old. Jeff witnessed a lot domestic violence in his home when he was relatively young, and this has had a negative impact on him growing up. He has two sisters, his oldest sister is a single mother and they live in a modest house in Marsa.

Jeff was not very sociable at school; he didn’t like sports and preferred to spend time on his own rather than interacting with others. Jeff was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and at times he showed very aggressive behaviour: when he was younger boy, his mother didn’t allow him to go out because of the fear that he might get hurt or hurt others. His only escape was to the neighbours’ garage who was a carpenter to help-out.

The ‘Unit Planning for Personal Development’ within the Prince’s Trust International’s ‘Achieve’ Program helped Jeff to work on self-control and anger management.  Through the ‘Interpersonal and Self-Management Skills’ section, Jeff managed to overcome his communication challenes and learn how to better interact with his peers, his educators and his family.

Jeff was often absent from school and when he did attend, he was often reprimanded for his behaviour. At the Education Hub Jeff managed to interact very well with the educators. He discovered a talent in woodwork and as a result the woodwork educator who taught him felt like family to Jeff. Woodworking helped Jeff build his self-confidence and believe in himself. Jeff became a very promising student, praised for his work and for his positive attitude. The Princes Trust International Programme gave Jeff the will to come to school and that he has the potential to succeed.

Jeff is now very sensitive to the needs of others. He cares for his teachers. Using his own initiative he got a gift for a teacher who was getting married and he also made a fantastic cot for his sister’s baby all on his own. When questioned, the woodwork teacher said that Jeff was his right hand and could trust him with tools. He added that Jeff worked very hard during the summer months and during his work placement. Jeff was given a monetary donation by the company for the work he did. As a result of this, Jeff became the handyman of the school, repairing broken chairs and doorknobs, doing the lockers for all the students and creating wooden artifacts to be sold as part of the enterprise project.

At the end of the programme Jeff was sad knowing he had to leave school. Today, Jeff is a full-time employee with Fino, a reputable woodwork company. He is respected at his place of work by both the administrative staff and his colleagues who say he is hard working, learns fast and that he finishes tasks immediately