Case Studies


Hustla MBA programme delivered in Kenya

5th August 2020

Prince’s Trust International have been working with Shujaaz Inc. to develop the Hustla MBA programme, which is both an online and face-to-face learning journey, built around young people sharing their own lessons on setting up and growing a business.

The delivery model requires training Shujaaz Inc.’s network of super fans to facilitate meet ups, with Prince’s Trust International creating the initial training plan for these young people. Since October 2019, the programme has already been piloted with over 150 young people in peri-urban communities in Kenya.

This is Ndonga talking about his experience with the Hustla MBA programme, we look forward to sharing more as the programme grows.

The best thing about Jenga Hustle is that it brought us together; we could connect and share our ideas. Some of us had a little money but lacked ideas on what sort of business to start – others had ideas but no money. And some people already ran hustles but didn’t know how to manage the profits they made.

‘Track Doh’ , is a tool that helps young people monitor and balance their business and personal expenses helped some of the guys to manage their spending and to separate business expenses from personal expenses. I even used it to reduce my expenses – it meant I could save enough to start  my second business this February.

Most attendees wanted to know how Jenga Hustle would help them get cash– capital for their business. We shared different ideas such as saving in a chama or getting loans from friends and saccos. At the end, the people who came along said they were asleep, but after attending Jenga Hustle they woke up.

I hated to see my friends broke all the time – and felt like I couldn’t do anything to help them. When I was told about Shujaaz Jenga Hustle, I thought being a host could be an opportunity to change that.