Case Studies


Get Into programme delivered in India

5th August 2020

The ‘Get into’ programme is run by Magic Bus India Foundation in collaboration with Prince’s Trust International as an 8-week employer-led programme, aiming to give young people (age 18 to 25), who are work ready but do not have the required skills, the opportunity to develop these skills and experience to enable them to move into a sustainable job in a specific sector of work.

Get Into was first piloted in India in September 2018. The programme was set up by working with employers to open opportunities for young people, helping them develop the practical skills and experience needed to move them into sustainable employment.

Magic Bus is currently adapting the Get Into programme digitally as face-to-face delivery is not possible during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Amit tells us about his experience moving to a new city in search of employment opportunities and finding the Get Into programme with Magic Bus.

Amit came to Mumbai with a small bag of clothes and certificate confirming that he had cleared 12th standard from a junior college in Sangli. Amit was in desperate need of a job after his father, the only breadwinner in the family, had an accident when Amit was still in school. His father was left paralysed from the waist down and Amit became the breadwinner and provider for his family of 5. To make money, Amit worked in the fields each morning, earning 4 GBP a day, before cycling 14km to college in the afternoons.

Pushed by poverty and lack of job opportunities in his area, Amit moved to Mumbai, a place he found ‘frighteningly busy’. He started living with his cousin and her family in the city’s suburbs. Amit didn’t want to move to Mumbai at first, because he was scared of the unknown challenges that lay beyond his village. But the thought of his parent’s medical expenses, and younger brother’s education drove him to re-examine his hesitation to move to Mumbai.

While looking for a job, Amit’s relative told him about Magic Bus and Prince’s Trust International’s Get Into programme, which offered quality training and job placements.

“Till the time I stepped into the Centre, I had absolutely no idea about the retail sector or the job opportunities there,” he admits. The programme surprised him, he was thrilled to find the possibility of a placement opportunity with the largest 24-hours medical store, Wellness Forever. “It was nothing like school or junior college where you learn but there is no guarantee which of the lessons would help you find a good job. Here there was an opportunity waiting for us. And the training would prepare us for the same.”

Amit excelled at the training, but hit some roadblocks when it came to Spoken English. Further lessons on communication and personal development helped him in interviews, even though he admits he was scared on the taster day which is the first interaction programme participants have with prospective employers. “I definitely thought they would reject me and I have to go back to Sangli empty-handed,” he admits. Instead they gave him feedback on how to improve on areas he needed to improve. From that on, Amit who is now a Junior Customer Associate at Wellness’ Forever’s outlet in Bandra, has started dreaming. “My only wish is to retire my father who is now looking to go back to work to feed the family,” he says. Kumar Gaurav, Manager – HR of Amit’s company says, “Amit has shown excellent performance in customer services. His ability to handle challenging issues and the quality of work is admirable.”

While Amit admits that his earnings, GBP 138 a month, are significantly higher than what he made by working in the fields, he is driven to do better and earn more. “I want to be patient and not leave my job soon. I see I can grow in this company and I want to give it my best shot,” he reaffirms.