Case Studies


Get Into delivered in Greece

5th August 2020

Eirini, 26, from Athens graduated degree in Finance and Regional Development in Athens While at university, Eirini worked a 10-hour day at a restaurant.  She had to work to support her younger brother’s education and her parents following her dad’s heart-attack.  She worked illegally, receiving cash in hand, like many young people in Greece who are still suffering the consequences of the financial crisis.

After she graduated, Eirini sent out hundreds of CV’s to potential employers focusing on finance-related jobs, but she was invited to only three interviews. She wasn’t successful in any. “I gave up after that and started looking for a job in sales”. Like many young Greeks, she was forced to look for a job where she could find it, even though her qualifications lay elsewhere.

Exhausted from so many days finishing in the early hours, and from trying to keep up with her university work, Eirini joined the Get Into programme. Following the programme, Eirini was offered a job at Vodafone and six months down the line she tells us that she has learned so much about herself and plans to have a long-term career with the company. She has even been offered a promotion after 6 months from Sales Advisor to Internet Specialist.

Eirini also has her own goals and she is determined to achieve them.

“Now I am earning a great salary at Vodafone, I can help my family, buy the things I want and also save. In a few years, I want to study a Masters or MBA. I don’t want to leave Vodafone – in fact, I want to progress and this is why I want to study further. I am out to prove that I’m worthy of the position and want to achieve so much more. Ultimately, I’d like to become a trainer so that I can show people like me that when you have determination, you can make anything happen”.

“I like to think of myself as a ‘child of Charles. It’s because of what has been offered to me by PTI, The Bodossaki Foundation and Knowl Social Enterprise that I’ve been able to achieve what I have.”