Case Studies


Explore Enterprise delivered in Greece

5th August 2020

Vasilis 24, from Athens, studied Cultural Technology and Communications at the University of Aegean in the island of Lesvos: “While at university, I was working in a Photography Store, doing mostly editing work. This allowed me to be financially independent during my studies, but also gave me the opportunity to develop further my creative skills. At the end of my studies, my friends and I formed an event management team, where we used our love for music, art but also our managing capacities.

Things were going pretty well; we had managed to organise 2 major music festivals in Greece. But then we had some major failures, things were looking grim and my friends decided to move abroad for a better future”.  In crisis-stricken Greece, more than 500,000 people have fled the country to be able to support themselves financially, a toll especially frequent for the younger generation.

Following this failure, Vasilis didn’t give up. He had a lot of ideas for new ventures, but he didn’t know how to organise his thoughts and set priorities.

“After our first major failure I realised that I could use some guidance in my next steps, our team was very eager but unexperienced, we learned a lot through our first events but we still had a lot to learn! So I did some research online. When I found the Prince’s Trust International Enterprise Programme in Greece, I immediately thought this is what I needed! I applied for the programme and it was not long until they called me for a first Information Session. I attended the 4-day Explore Enterprise Course that helped me organise all my plans and ideas.”

8 months after the Explore Enterprise Course and his mentor allocation, Vasilis managed to start hi own streetwear brand. A key pillar of Vasilis’ business concept is the creation of the first Greek streetwear brand, with 100% organic products made from hemp fiber. Vassilis has already sold his first 50 orders of T-Shirt, while he has launched his own e-shop.

“I have the most positive view of the PTI Enterprise Programme in Greece, the people of the Programme were there for me whenever I asked for their support. I am not sure how things would have turned our wihtout PTI, Corallia and AFI. I probably would also have fled Greece sooner or later. But now I know, failure didn’t stop me once and it won’t stop me in the future”.