Case Studies

Trinidad and Tobago

Achieve delivered in Trinidad and Tobago

5th August 2020

The Achieve programme is delivered across schools in Trinidad and Tobago. Teachers, trained by NTA and PTI, deliver the programme to small groups of students during the school day. Programmes include; preparation for a Healthy Lifestyle, Interpersonal and Self-management Skills, Managing Money and Planning for Personal Development.


Alliyah is a 15 year old student of Toco Secondary School in Trinidad and Tobago. School was not Alliyah’s favourite place, she found herself avoiding classes and sometimes missing school entirely.

After joining the Achieve programme Alliyah says she is more interested in coming to school and feels more relaxed. The programme pushed her out of her comfort zone and her Achieve advisors taught her to always try no matter what. She feels her new can-do attitude can be applied to many aspects of her life, such as test taking.

“If I have an exam and anything or question is left out, I will still make an attempt at the question, because it is better to try and fail than never to try at all”.

Alliyah says that “everything is happier now” and is focused on a future as a flight attendant and playing netball more competitively.

“Achieve has helped me work with more people and helped me to know myself better. I used to say I cannot before but now I realise I can do things”.