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About Us

Prince’s Trust International was launched in 2015, at The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta. We are an independent charity, with HRH The Prince of Wales as its Founder and President. We support young people across the Commonwealth and additionally some other international countries.

Prince’s Trust International works with partners around the world to support young people on their journey from education to employment. This includes the posting of expert staff to assist with the delivery of Prince’s Trust programmes and the provision of ongoing support to ensure sustainability. We offer capacity-building support to partner charities and agencies.

Since 2015, Prince’s Trust International has worked in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Greece, India, Jordan, Malta, New Zealand and Pakistan. We have supported over 10,000 young people across the world with 66% successfully entering work, education or training.

This is an exciting time for Prince’s Trust International as we prepare to implement our new five-year strategy, designed to help 100,000 young people over the next five years and raise £50 Million in order to transform their lives. As part of this strategy, we are planning to significantly grow delivery in existing locations to reach many more young people, and to proactively explore delivery in new countries and regions.

To help young people to change their lives and get into work, education or training.

In countries around the world. We work in Barbados, Jordan, Malta, Greece, Pakistan and India. We have pilot programmes launching in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Malaysia, Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda

To tackle youth unemployment and disengagement, we work in partnership with organisations to share the programmes of The Prince’s Trust in the UK.

To help young people around the world move into work, education or training.

We share the successful programmes and expertise of The Prince’s Trust, which for 43 years, has supported over 950,000 young people in the UK.

Our Heritage: The Prince’s Trust

Having built effective programmes and strong partnerships to help young people into jobs and self-employment in the United Kingdom, public and private organisations around the world have been turning to The Prince’s Trust in their search for solutions to youth unemployment and to learn from their experience in helping young people into work.

Prince’s Trust International has been created to enable The Trust to build on its success in the UK, addressing this demand for advice and expertise from governments and NGOs seeking to tackle youth unemployment around the world and to share their experience and expertise.

The Prince’s Trust is the leading youth charity helping disadvantaged young people in the United Kingdom, supporting 13 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion.  

Many of the young people helped by The Trust are in or leaving care, facing issues such as homelessness or mental health problems, or they have been in trouble with the law. Three in four young people supported by The Trust move into work, education or training.



Prince’s Trust Group


Since 1976 The Prince’s Trust has operated as a UK charity, supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable young people into education, employment or training.

In recent years, governments and agencies around the world have contacted The Trust, to see if our approach could benefit their situations.

The Prince’s Trust Group’s mission is to transform lives and build sustainable communities across the world. Together, we will support around 90,000 people during 2019-20.

Established in 2018, The Prince’s Trust Group includes the work of The Prince’s Trust in the UK alongside a group of charities including: Prince’s Trust InternationalPrince’s Trust Australia, Prince’s Trust New Zealand, Prince’s Trust Canada and most recently Prince’s Trust America.

His Highness The Aga Khan is the Global Founding Patron of The Prince’s Trust Group. Through the incredible generosity of His Highness and our other valued supporters, we are expanding our work to transform young lives and build stronger communities across the world.

American singer and songwriter, Lionel Richie, is the founding Global Ambassador and Chairman of our Global Ambassador Group. He will help us to scale up our work around the world.