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Published 03 November 2015

Team is a 12-week, high-impact pre-employment programme, supporting personal development and the journey into the world of work.

How it works

Team is a challenging, structured 12 week programme for teams of 12-15 young people which combines outdoor and community challenges with classroom based learning.

It begins with team-building activities, including a week at a residential activity centre.
It continues with teamwork on real projects in the local community, individual work placements and a presentation of achievements.
Personal development takes place throughout by the process of planning, action and review, where young people:

  • Uncover hidden talents
  • Assume some responsibility for tasks
  • Develop team-working and communication skills
  • Gain awareness of their local community and how they can contribute to it, and
  • Gain nationally-recognised qualifications

In the UK, Team is delivered by The Trust’s network of over 300 delivery partners ranging from Further Education Colleges to the Fire & Rescue Service.

Key facts

In the UK, 10,711 young people completed the Team programme in 2014/15:

  • 75% of young people on Team complete our Employment, Teamwork and Community Skills qualification
  • Most young people find that taking part in the programme builds their team working skills (97%), confidence (95%) and motivation (90%)
  • 89% percent find the qualification they gained on Team helpful in getting a job or joining a course.

Young people also reported improvements to their self-esteem and wellbeing – with 92% of past participants surveyed feeling better about themselves, 84% feeling better with their life, and 87% feeling able to achieve more in life.


Programme expertise

Key to the success of the programme are the effective systems for recruiting and supporting delivery partners, with robust team leader training. The Team model is effective and sustainable in turning young lives around, providing the framework for a significant personal development journey which helps to turn many young lives around.