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Get Into

Published 03 November 2015

Get Into is a unique training programme run in partnership with a range of employers from sectors who have identified skills shortages and job opportunities. The programme allows young people to develop skills in a specific sector while supporting them into jobs.


How it works

Get Into helps bridge the skills gap – breaking down the barriers between unemployed and disadvantaged young people, and employers – resulting in meaningful and sustainable employment for young people with companies such as Marks & Spencer, HSBC, DHL and Balfour Beatty. The course provides training from qualified professionals and aims to build up a young person’s skill set, improve their communication skills, and boost their confidence, ultimately leading them into paid employment. The ultimate goal is to employ successful candidates into the business running the course, and in general 50% of participants achieve paid job outcomes. Those young people not employed at the end of the course are offered mentor support to help them use the experience and skills developed on the programme to find employment or move into other outcomes (such as education, training or volunteering).

Key facts

Across the UK last year (2014/15), The Trust supported 6,024 young through the Get Into programme:

  • 72% of young people moved into positive outcomes, with 59% going into paid employment or self-employment.
  • 98% of young people leaving Get Into programmes feel better equipped and more self-confident.



Programme expertise

In the UK, The Trust has been running Get Into programmes for more than 10 years, and has supported more than 18,000 young people through these programmes. The key strength of the programme is its unique employer-led approach to skills-based training for young people, through which robust programme methodologies have been developed, bringing together employers and young people.

The Get into model:

  • Breaks down barriers between employers and young people
  • Fosters relationships between employers and training providers
  • Provides young people with the skills and experience needed to move into a specific sector
    and secure sustainable jobs
  • Reduces skills mismatch
  • Helps change young lives by giving them the first foot on the employment ladder
  • Motivates and develops employees by involving them in the programme
  • Makes a difference to the local community by providing support, training and job opportunities