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Published 03 November 2015

Enterprise helps young people navigate the option of entrepreneurship with valuable hands-on experience and guidance from business mentors. The programme starts with an interactive ‘Explore Enterprise Course’ that teaches young people about the practical side of starting a business, including budgeting, marketing and sales, tax and business planning.

Enterprise offers young people:

  • Support to decide whether self-employment is right for them
  • The chance to develop, plan and test their ideas and write a business plan
  • The opportunity to apply for financial support
  • Help to pursue other options if entrepreneurship isn’t right for them
  • Ongoing support to those who launch a business

Our Expertise

In the UK, The Prince’s Trust has been delivering enterprise support to disadvantaged young people since 1983, and has refined the Enterprise programme delivery model based on learnings. Strengths are a robust system for successfully recruiting, supporting and managing volunteer mentors from a variety of sectors; which is key to the success of the programme.



An external evaluation of the Enterprise programme conducted in 2012 found that “its strength lies in the integrated package of training, mentoring and financial support… the Enterprise programme helps young people develop a range of skills to equip them to become business-ready including communication, confidence, money management, resilience, reliability, and setting and achieving goals.”