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Enterprise Challenge

Published 26 October 2016

Enterprise Challenge is a programme to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs through virtual-role play as part of a school business competition.

This programme has been successfully running in Qatar and Jordan since 2012, and it is now two years since we launched in Pakistan.

Each year students are matched with a mentor from the world of business who guides them through sessions exploring how key components of business, such as:  finance, sales, marketing, and production come together to determine success.

Students form teams to play an online business simulation game, which takes them through the stages of setting up and running a successful business. Scores from the business simulation are combined with performance in an ethical business assessment. The top scoring teams are invited to national finals events where they pitch a business idea live to a panel of judges.

Ultimately, the judges decide on the winning team, who then win prizes for their school and seed funding to implement their business idea.

“This programme made me live the life of a businessmen, know the difficulties I might face, as well as the solutions. It makes me know the right ways to start my own business.” Enterprise Participant, Jordan