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Published 17 August 2015

Achieve supports young people to re-engage and succeed with education; improving attendance, behaviour and attainment.

How it works

Achieve (formerly xl) is a highly effective early intervention programme, working with schools and partners outside the traditional school network, designed to help young people re-engage with education and support them to achieve their full potential.

Achieve uses a flexible modular programme focused on critical life and employability skills, based on the principles of achievement, supporting personal development and flexibility.

Through Achieve young people will improve:

Attainment– achieving educational goals and working towards The Prince’s Trust Personal Development and Employability Skills (PDE) qualification
Attendance – becoming motivated again and attending regularly
Personal and Social Development – building confidence, teamwork skills and developing character


Key facts

In the UK, Prince’s Trust Achieve clubs have helped over 70,000 young people since they started in 1998 – there are currently over 1,000 clubs in over 500 schools and outside the mainstream centres across the UK. The 2014/15 programme evaluation found that:

93% of young people went into further education, work or training upon completion of the programme last year
90% of young people show positive skills development across a range of areas, and 94% of young people would recommend it to others


Programme expertise

The programme has consistently been successful across the UK in helping young people re-engage with learning and to develop a sense of achievement from which they can regain momentum in education.

This relevant and effective programme includes key strengths such as:

Embedded Language Literacy and Numeracy training, creating stepping stones for future success
Career focus and employer linkage
A wide-ranging, holistic, relevant and engaging curriculum, tailored to the needs of young people
Prince’s Trust expert delivery support for advisers, including comprehensive schemes of work and bank of teaching resources, with specialist training for advisers
Suitable for multiple educational settings and delivery model